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Pablo Escobar and his drug gang want to create a massive criminal empire


A gang of ruthless, immoral thugs want to take over the city streets.

The leader of this terrible gang is drug baron, Pablo Escobar.

These people need to taste the full force of law and order. They will not go quietly.

They will fight. They will fight at all costs to keep terror and drugs on the streets.

Get in the thick of the action in this 24-Hour Narcos Tournament.

Fight them with 3 No Deposit FreeSpins.

You have to bring peace to this city of hot violence where the only rain is the rain of bullets coming down.


The winners are the chosen ones who spin the most Narcos slots.

 1st Place: 500 FreeSpins
2nd Place: 350 FreeSpins
3rd Place: 150 FreeSpins


Be the courageous person who is prepared to face the Ogre and take the King's...


*3 hot, new No Deposit FreeSpins await you...

with your deposit €10+
with your deposit €30+
with your deposit €60+ 
*The 3 FreeSpins for eligible players only
can be used on Narcos.
                                                                                                                                                       Valid on 09.06.2019