Mountain-sized Saturday special!


There's a 24-Hour Saturday Quickspin Challenge. The Killer King awaits you in his Mountain lair!

Only the pure of heart and brave of spirit should enter.


You have 24 Hours to topple the King, in this Quickspin Challenge of courage!

Hall of the Mountain King has GoT a lot! This is a Game with a Throne and a King and a Mountain.

In a dark, dark land where the thunder roars and the clouds hang heavy,

there's a rich, rich King.

This Ogre King lives in a palace carved out of the Mountain rock.

Enter the King's lair, crush the brutal ruler and take home the glorious crown!


Be the courageous person who is prepared to face the Ogre and take the King's...


with your deposit €10+
with your deposit €30+
with your deposit €60+ 

HOT TIP: Be ready for the Sunday 24-hour Street Shootout Tournament.
It will take nerves of steel and bullets of iron!
                                                                                                                                                       Valid on 08.06.2019