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We just launched our new promotion "Bingo Lingo" which will run through April 30th, 2014. Bingo Lingo is just like Bingo but without the confusing numbers. 


Every member receives a Bingo Lingo card located in the lobby. If you log in through a desktop browser your Bingo Lingo card will already have one (1) free, randomly selected and placed dot but if you log in through Casino Sieger mobile© using your IPhone or IPad, you will receive an additional free dot on your card. 


For each single deposit of 50€, or several deposits totalling 50€, you will receive an additional dot randomly placed on your card. Once you connect a horizontal or vertical line you win free bonus money.


Deposits of higher amounts will grant you multiple randomly placed dots and will raise your chance of winning multiple line combinations at once. Please visit our Bingo Lingo page for payout plan and terms. 


We wish you lots of connecting lines!