Sieger's sportsbook cash out betting option is definitely one to watch, while you're also watching your favorite sporting event.

What exactly is cash out?

Sieger's cash out feature is an added strategic layer to your live sports betting experience. While you're enjoying the live sports event that you've placed a bet on, perhaps something happens during the game or race, whereby it looks like your bet might not be a winner. Also, when things are in your favor, requesting a cash out can be attractive. Depending on the real-time situation of your sporting event and when precisely you request the cash out, you can either get your exact stake back, make a profit or get part of your money back, which is still better than losing it all. When it's made available, consider it a very useful weapon in your winner's arsenal.

Examples of how this works?

Firstly, there are two scenarios when to cash out a bet; when things are not in your favor or when things are going well.

When things are not in your favor, you may have bet on ABC United to win. At half-time, your team is down 1-0. Imagine that you have bet €10 on them at 2/1,
Sieger can offer you a buffer to ensure that you still have money in your pocket. Purely as an example, it could be €4 or €5.

When things are going well,
Sieger can offer a cash out sum to help you secure certain wins. With a €10 bet on ABC United to beat XYZ United. At the half-time point, ABC United are 2-0 up. If ABC United were priced at 2/1, then your total payout would be €30 if you keep your bet live until the final whistle. You may want to request a cash out to make absolutely certain that you walk away with something. In this example, Sieger might offer you €22 as a cash out value.

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